About Apple Creek

Curious to know more about Apple Creek Landscaping, LLC?

Apple Creek was founded in 2016 by David & Jennifer Roe to provide landscaping, lawn care, tree removal and other forms of property maintenance to both commercial and residential property owners in NEPA.

The partners bring considerable knowledge and experience in landscape and property maintenance, construction and safe tree removal, as well as advanced customer service and project management skills gained over the last 2 decades employed in the landscaping, service and construction industries.

Fully licensed and insured, the management of Apple Creek is dedicated to serving its growing client list with honesty and sincerity. 

Apple Creek Fundamentals

  • We do not employ unreliable or unprofessional crew members.  {Not for long anyway.}
  • We make every effort to bring projects in on time and on budget
  • We do things the right way.  Please do not ask us to cut corners or do a half-a** job.  In the long run you will not be happy & neither will we.
  • We refuse to work with clients who are abusive to our staff or want to play the "check must have gotten lost in the mail" game. 
  • We are always willing to make special payment arrangements with clients who find themselves facing an unforeseen financial crisis.

Wayne county is our home.  Our clients are our neighbors and friends.  We treat them that way.

While some may by surprised by our candid and straightforward approach, most clients tell us that they find it to be a refreshing change from the majority of disingenuous contractors they are accustomed to dealing with.


  • Apple Creek does not perform a survey.  We rely on property owners or owner representatives to identify property boundaries.
  • Quotes and estimates are based on conditions as viewed during the onsite visit.  Deviations from this condition may result in charges for alternate or additional equipment and labor.
  • The property owner is responsible for researching town and community regulations and obtaining any necessary permit or permission from the property owners association and supplying a copy of the paperwork to Apple Creek, if applicable. 
  • Please do not ask us to trim or remove trees on green belt, common area, state owned property or any other property that you do not own or manage.  We require written permission from property owners BEFORE work will be performed.
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Wondering about our awesome logo?

It was designed for Jennifer Roe by Kim Brown of Lightbrown Productions.