All firewood cord prices include delivery within 10 miles of  our shop in White Mills PA 18473.  We no longer deliver further than 10 miles from White Mills.  We use Google Maps to determine the distance from our yard to your address.

Our wood for indoor burning is a seasoned mix of hardwood species.  That means the wood could be Beech, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Hickory, Cherry or a combination of all.  

For the heat content, or BTU rating, and weight per cord, please visit Firewood Resources

We also have seasoned Pine for outdoor burning.

Apple Creek Landscaping LLC is a participating LIHEAP fire wood vendor.

Under PA law 61 Pa. Code §§ 52.1 and 58.1 firewood for residential heating use is not taxable.

Firewood Pricing

*  Wood used for smokers & campsites is taxable.

Please be aware that our crew can not stack, carry wood up or down stairs or into a building. 

The truck will dump the wood in an area that you designate.  Please let the office know of any low wires, wooden bridges or narrow access to your site when placing your order.

Do you or a family member think you may meet the criteria for home heating assistance?  Check with the PA Department of Human Services to see if you qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Apple Creek Landscaping LLC is a participating LIHEAP fire wood vendor.

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If you plan to heat your home with firewood this winter season, we recommend ordering your firewood by mid-September to ensure its procurement.

Apple Creek does not deliver firewood in NY or NJ.  Why?  Visit Don't Move Firewood to learn more.