Spring Clean Up

The winter takes a toll on your lawn and landscaping.  The weight of snow and ice on trees and shrubs can cause broken or cracked limbs.  Leaf piles left on lawns in the fall can leave dead spots of grass.

Let Apple Creek do your spring clean up chores for you.  We can have your yard looking its springtime best in no time!

Our crews can

  • Prune damaged branches from shrubs and trees
  • Remove wet leaves and other debris from your lawn and under shrubs
  • Section and remove downed trees
  • Edge your flower beds
  • and anything else needed to get your yard ready for spring

Baby Rabbit KitSpring yard visitor

A spring clean up is important for year round grass health.  

Now is also a good time to clean out drainage swales & ditches, repair winter damaged retaining walls, driveways and & patios.

See our list of services and call us today, 570-229-6148.