Value of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial real estate owners and property managers have three main objectives: steady and increasing revenue, asset appreciation and maintenance of their investments.

The first 2, revenue and appreciation, can be a function of general economic conditions and, to a greater extent, local market trends.  It is said that anyone can manage a property and make money during periods of economic growth.

Successful property managers know that the third main objective, maintenance of their investment, is often overlooked during these periods of growth but it is the one that can carry a building through the tough times of a slowdown in the economy. 

Maintaining your commercial real estate and residential rental properties is the key to a strong portfolio that withstands the ups and downs of the local market.

Curb Appeal is a term that, while entering the vernacular a couple of decades ago, is still not put into practice often enough. 

The exterior of your building, the parking areas and grounds can significantly impact the amount of foot traffic it receives.  Higher traffic means more leads.  The greater your pool of prospects, the greater the chance to reach your goal of a signed lease. 

While some maintenance items are purely cosmetic, such as painting, landscaping can actually add value to your property over time, both perceived and real.  Barren sites or green spaces overgrown with vines and dead trees are not an enticement to your future tenants.   How will you lease space if you can not even get potential leads in the door? 

Our Approach

Commercial landscaping does not have to be the same old boring day lilies and arbor vitae shrubs.  A custom mix of hardy, drought tolerant plants can be installed to add visual interest, color and screening in all seasons.

Realistically, green landscapes, lush with vegetation are not possible in all locations, but neat properties, free of debris and weeds are. 

Appropriately sized container plantings can improve the appearance of any entrance.  They add a natural focal point and break up expansive hard surface areas.

The value of commercial landscaping extends to existing tenants as well.  They can expect to benefit from more contented employees and the ability to attract more customers.

The value of green space and well maintained exterior landscapes has been documented by a number of reputable sources including Money magazine, the Virginia Cooperative Extension (go to and search for Value of Landscaping for more information) and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

If your property portfolio is looking a little tired and your landscaping a bit tattered, please call us at Apple Creek Landscaping and Excavating, or fill out a Commercial Contact Form today.  We are looking forward to assisting you with your exterior property needs.